About us

APG MEDICAL is theALFAPARF MILANO medical division, dedicated to the commercialisation of cutting-edge Made in Italy medical devices.

The brand’s mission is to assist the work of doctors by supplying high-quality equipment that perfectly meets their needs thereby improving the wellbeing of their patients.

Research and development and quality are the pillars of APG MEDICAL, allowing it to offer innovative, tested and high-quality equipment.



Integrated Made in Italy produtcion

The production line is completely integrated: it starts with research and development, moves on to design and ends with the production of highly technological devices.


Sophisticated design

The entirely Italian team of engineers, researchers and technicians work together to create unparalleled and revolutionary technology, thanks to the creativity and ingenuity that we Italians have always been famous for.


Reliability and total safety

We place the utmost attention on the effectiveness and safety of each device, complying with the latest national and international regulations.


Medical certification

The company, which holds ISO 13485:2016 medical certification, sells electromedical devices branded CE 1370.


Technical assistance

Through a specific app provided to our doctors, we guarantee punctual responses in 24-48 hours.


Remote technical, medical and scientific consultations

Consulting available at any time during the working week, 5 days out of 7, to clarify any technical or medical query.

ALFAPARF MILANO Italian experience, universal beauty.

APG MEDICAL is part of the ALFAPARF MILANO, an Italian multinational leader in the professional cosmetic haircare and skincare market with over 40 years of experience in the sector. ALFAPARF MILANO integrates research, production and distribution to guarantee quality to professionals in the beauty sector.

The end goal is quality but the starting point for all our achievements is the six key values of ALFAPARF MILANO:

ALFAPARF MILANO is also conscious of its role within development and wishes to actively contribute to a future where environmental protection and equity take first place.

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