Professional pressotherapy, an integrated system of beauty and wellbeing

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Using graduated and sequential pressure, Lymfolight equipment stimulates the main key points of the venous and lymphatic circulation, improving imperfections connected to circulatory insufficiency.

A targeted action to fight water retention, cellulite imperfections, heavy legs and swelling.

APG Medical Lymfolight - technology


  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • Very quiet for maximum comfort during treatment.
  • 3 working modes with differentiated inflation sequences depending on the treatment to be carried out.
  • Numerous programs can be created by combining different times, pressures and working modes.
  • Connectors, a convenient system with disappearing cables that connect quickly and easily.
  • Leg covers equipped with convenient zips, which are quick to apply and can be adapted to any individual.
  • Abdomen girdle, easy to apply and remove, connects independently to the equipment.


• Detoxifies and purifies

• Improves the microcirculation

• Reduces water retention

• Promotes drainage

• Remodels the silhouette

• Prevents the development of cellulite

• Reduces edema

• Restores wellbeing to heavy legs

Technical Characteristics

Aesthetic certificated equipment

  • Power supply:

    230 V~ (+/-10%) 50/60 Hz

  • Power consumption:

    70 W

  • Operator interface:

    Capacitive display, touch control

  • Applied part:

    Type B

  • Fuses:

    2 x F3.15AL fuses 5×20 mm 250 V

  • Pressure:

    Adjustable from 10 mmHg to 200 mmHg (±20 mmHg); 10-mmHg steps

  • Treatment time:

    Adjustable from 1 min to 90 mins; 1-min steps

  • Safety system:

    Pressure control sensor; Remote start/stop button and emergency stop Programs: 3 different working modes

  • Programs:

    3 different working modes

  • Weight:

    ~7 kg (equipment), ~10 kg (trolley)

  • Equipment size:

    L 40 x D 30 x H 21 cm

  • Trolley size:

    L 40 x D 30 x H 77 cm

APG Medical Lymfolight - technology
APG Medical Lymfolight - details
APG Medical Lymfolight - details
APG Medical Lymfolight - details
APG Medical Lymfolight - details

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